About Pawsitively Good K9

Aida Sol – Owner, Groomer, Trainer

For as long as I can remember I have been surrounded by dogs. As a small child I was raised with hunting dogs, and I grew up with my first love, an amazing Rhodesian Ridgeback named Kimba. We were inseparable. And there were the Dobermans, Argus and Duchess. Dogs were just always in my life. As a young adult I had Dachshunds and then at some point in my twenties I met my first Australian Cattledog.

Australian Cattledogs or Heelers, as they are more commonly known, became an obsession of mine. My partner and I purchased a wonderful pup from a reputable breeder. When we moved to Mendocino County I finally had the space and time to commit to training a pup. That is when I discovered just how challenging and smart these dogs are, and I was shocked to find out how many of them were in animal shelters and in need of ‘rescue’.

My life changed again when I met Zelda, a rescue Cattledog from the Milo foundation. I had no idea what I was getting into, but she had issues – fear, aggression, resource guarding – you name it she had it. But she had the capacity to bond deeply with her human companion and I began to work with her to make her a better canine citizen. I began to volunteer and foster for Northbay Canine Rescue and Placement, taking many shelter dogs into my home, and I would teach them basic manners and re home them into loving homes.

I have enjoyed working in rescue and boarding throughout this time. All along I have researched, read, and trained to have better behaved dogs. Having a happy, well socialized and trained k9 friend is a goal for myself.

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