Professional Grooming

Aida has been a student of all grooming techniques for many years. She is an accomplished groomer and has experience with all types of dogs and coats.

Grooming Services & Packages:

See here for Pricing:

The Services Offered
Includes warm water shampoo bath and fluff dry with brush/comb out.

See the Pricing Table to include Haircut or Shave Down  

Nails clipped and filed, ears cleaned, eyes refreshed.
Small (under 20 lbs)
Medium (20 to 45 lbs)
Large (45 to 65 lbs)
X-Large (65 to 85 lbs)
Extra extra large dogs (85 lbs. and higher) Quoted Price available

Prices vary based on breed, size, coat type and coat condition. Goto

If a price is not shown for a particular service we would be happy to meet your dog and give you a quote. Call or drop by.


Getting a Trim

Yes, Aida trims beards, tails, toes and all parts of your best friend. A clean dog is a happy dog (and makes for a happy owner also.)

Please call for an appointment.